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TownChat is social media app that users can use to search local people and brands in the town and connect with them.

TownChat is amazing because........

  • tourists can use TownChat to search and socialize with local people
  • tourists can request online meet-up through "Meet-up Rooms
  • tourists can search and find places of attraction around the town
  • tourists can search and get deals and promotions from local brands

App Features

Secure Signup

We ask you to take selfie when you signup for TownChat. We do so because we want to protect our users from fraud and fake accounts

Nudge to Connect

No need to share personal details like phone number while connecting with people using TownChat. Simply send nudge and connect

Translated Messages

Users can select their primary language to receive all messages in that language. Text on Images and maps will also translate to primary language

Off Internet Messages

No worries if not connected to Internet. TownChat provides amazing experience of sending messages without the internet

AI Powered Channels

Our smart content marketing channels are powered by AI and will match brands/products with users based on their interests

Push for Marketing

Brands can use Push for Marketing service to take their products to users. Only users who agree to receive push messages will receive notifications

Social Integration

Brands and influencers can integrate their social media accounts to expand the reach of their content and products through a single platform

Scheduled Campaigns

Brands can schedule marketing campaigns through our InApp scheduler for launching simultaneously on TownChat and other social platforms

Customer Support

Brands can provide support to their customers direct from smart channels. Our intelligent bots will keep customers engaged during the process

App Screens


App Demo




$20 / month

  • Create Marketing Profile
  • Link Social Accounts
  • Connect With Brands
  • Start Affiliate Marketing


$50 / month

  • Create Marketing Channels
  • Personalize Content
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Optimize Marketing Spend


$100 / month

  • All Premium Features
  • Access to Push for Marketing
  • Campaigns Scheduling
  • Customer Support



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