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Blockchain based IoT solution for airports to make security checkpoints check in, check out and passport control 20x faster and stress free through Traveler QR ID and Alexa Robot Immigration Buddies for touchless identification. Our advanced facial and Iris recognition algorithm makes identification process 10x faster.


  • Get deals and promotions from local brands
  • Receive flight status push notifications
  • Get information about places of interest
  • Get safety information for over 65,000 cities


Traveler QR ID

Users can use TownChat to create Traveler QR ID for access to touchless immigration, Check-in and Check-out at airport lounges and hotels

Airport Self Service

Users can scan their QR ID or Passport through our Alexa Robot Immigration Buddies for getting Baggage, Boarding and Immigration Pass

Covid-19 Scanning

Our robot buddies will monitor the temperature of travelers and will dis-infect them before entering the premises of airport

Pay Per Use Pricing

Users can activate their QR ID whenever they need it by making one time payment for their entire trip. There is no monthly subscription

Airport Navigation

Users can use our in-app airport navigation tool to ensure that they never miss their flight and easily figure out where they need to go

Baggage Tracking

Users will be required to scan their baggage tag through the robot buddy at security checkpoint to prove the ownership of baggage

Push for Marketing

Brands can use Push for Marketing service for in-app marketing. Only users who agree to receive push messages will receive notifications

Scheduled Campaigns

Brands can schedule marketing campaigns using in-app scheduler for launching simultaneously on TownChat and other social platforms

Customer Support

Brands can provide customer support through smart channels. Our intelligent bots will keep customers engaged during the support process

Use Cases

Smart Door Locks

Our QR ID can be used for smart door locks. Our IoT based QR operated touchless locks will be more secure than traditional door locks

Smart Cars

Our QR ID can be used for enhancing the security of smart cars by integrating our IoT device with door locks and for keyless engine start

Smart ATMs

Our QR ID can be integrated with ATMs and One Link System for touchless transactions and to avoid skimming and other frauds

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Marketing Packages


$20 / month

  • Create Marketing Profile
  • Link Social Accounts
  • Connect With Brands
  • Start Affiliate Marketing


$50 / month

  • Create Marketing Channels
  • Personalize Content
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Optimize Marketing Spend


$100 / month

  • All Premium Features
  • Access to Push for Marketing
  • Campaigns Scheduling
  • Customer Support



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